Fix Pro Tools 10 stops working from startup

This article will talking about how to fix Pro Tools 10 stops working from start-up in Active Directory environment.

Basically Pro Tools is not design for working effectively in Active Directory environment. I’ve try to contact the support person in Avid. but no luck.

What was happen is Pro Tools will only works for the installed account, but not any others which includes domain admin or local admin account. Each Pro Tools machine has been installed mbox 3.

All the other users were stuck on the start-up screens. alternatively, it stops on bus 127-128 or bus 22-23.

What I have diagnosed  is when Pro Tools start-up, it try to create a file under

c:user%username%appdataroamingavidPro Tools

What I have done to fix it is that I create a “Pro Tools” folder under%appdata%roamingavid. and that fixed the problem.

You also could made a group policy to create a folder under profilesappdataroamingavid as follow:

User Configuration >> Preferences >> Windows Settings >> Folders

Create two policy under here.

1. create a folder under %appdata%RoamingAvid when Avid folder is not existing

2. create a folder under %appdata%RoamingAvidPro tools when Avid folder is existing but Pro tools folder is not existing

If your profiles storaged within network location. you could change the path above to the network location.