VSTS – Link local visual studio porject to vsts git repository

This article will walk thru steps to demo how to link the local visual studio project to VSTS (Visual Studio Team Service). So that you can manage you code versioning in VSTS.

The tool I will use for this instructions are Visual Studio 2017 and Visual Studio Team Services. Thanks to Microsoft, we can get started with the above tools for free. Get your tool ready before started.


Visual Studio Community 2017

The ultimate goal for this post is to create a ASP.NET web site project and link the codes to VSTS with git version control.

1. Login to VSTS > Click New Project to create a new project

 2. Give it around half min, click Clone in Visual Studio

3. Click Clone and allow the Visual Studio to initial the setup

4. Create a project

5. Select a ASP.NET Web Application

6. Click Changes from Team Explorer, and commit the code

 7. Push to sync

8 Go back to your VSTS Portal > Code Section, you will all the files have been synced