Resolve Jenkins does not receive webhook from GitHub

Today I was setting up a test project to allow Jenkins to receive the GitHub webbook when people commit their code.

This is actually a pretty straight forward solution. You can find all sorts of instructions. No doubt I was following everything that the offical website said. And things still not work for me. I try the manual build and Jenkins works. It just the webhook is not received by Jenkins.

OK. read until here, if you are running a test environment like me. who was using the ip address as the jenkins url. Here is the solution.

The way I figured out where the issue is, I logged into github and I go to that repo’s setting. under the webhook option, I can see all the webhook triggered. So under here, it clearly said;

Peer certificate cannot be authenticated with given CA certificates

walaa.. it’s the certificate. because this is a test environment. I force to accept the risk by disable the ssl certificate. And things started to work.