WordPress Revolution slider not showing properly on mobile

Today I’m working on one of my client’s project. And that was design a revolution slider on their home page.

For some reason, the text layers I created does not show the correct size on mobile. I was googling and found some solution. such as, from the version 5, you can design the slide in different platforms. But none of them works for me.

So after a bit of research, I created a work around and this works for me. Please follow me below if you are having the same issue.

So the problem is the text sizes not showing properly on mobile. but it shows OK under the desktop. Then the issue we need to solve here is the text size in mobile.

  1. I created two layer groups; one named desktop, other is named mobile.
  2. I added exactly the same text layers into the layer group, in this case I have 3 text layer
    Desktop Layer Group: text1, text2, text3
    Mobile Layer Group: text4, text5, text6
  3. Make content the same as follow text1=text4, text2=text5, text3=text6, but the text size different, 1,2,3 are for desktop; 4,5,6 are for mobile.
  4. Under the behavior tab make 1,2,3 visible for desktop, and tablet. And make 4,5,6 visible for mobile.

After implement the above workaround. I got my site working as expect. the down side is it does not work responsively when you scale the browser window. But at least, it solve the problem when the website loads on mobile, it shows the correct data size.