How to install Hashicorp Vault on GCP cloud shell

Vault is a secret management tool that equivalent to Key Vault in Azure and KMS in AWS. But vault has lots of other features that the above do not have. If you are a business have quite restrict condition in term of IT. vault may be a good option for you. Because vault is open source and you control everything.

Today I’m actually not going to explain too much about vault. Instead, I’m going to install vault on to my GCP cloud shell.

first you want to download the vault binary from hashicorp site.


And then unzip it


finally set the PATH environmental variable to vault binaries

export PATH="$PATH:$HOME/vault"
cd /usr/bin
sudo ln -s $HOME/vault
cd $HOME
source ~/.bashrc

you can verify the installation by typing the following command.

$ vault version
Vault v1.2.2