FlexVolume – How to read multiple secrets from Azure Key Vault

I was working on a project to help client to setup FlexVolume for Azure Key Vault in AKS. The setup process is fairly straight forward. You can go thru the documentation.

One thing that I noticed is there is no documentation on multiple secret. So I just thought put it here.

  - name: kv-vol
      driver: "azure/kv"
        name: kvcreds                             
        keyvaultname: "wwnz-devtest"
        keyvaultobjectnames: DB-USER;DB-PASSWORD
        keyvaultobjecttypes: secret;secret             
        resourcegroup: "wwnz-devtest-ad-aue"
        subscriptionid: "4b79d34a-5272-4f19-9443-1e25dcx115b7"                 
        tenantid: "a1b03042-9a3d-4663-a90c-0x3298d5bf97"  

So in this example, I retrieved two secrets, they are DB-USER and DB-PASSWORD two sercets.