redis helm auth.erlangCookie must not be empty

I was working on a redis helm chart from bitnami. And when I try to install the chart I found the error below.

Error: UPGRADE FAILED: template: infrastructure/charts/rabbitmq/templates/NOTES.txt:138:4: executing "infrastructure/charts/rabbitmq/templates/NOTES.txt" at : error calling include: template: infrastructure/charts/rabbitmq/charts/common/templates/_errors.tpl:18:48: executing "common.errors.upgrade.passwords.empty" at : error calling fail:
PASSWORDS ERROR: you must provide your current passwords when upgrade the release
'auth.erlangCookie' must not be empty, please add '--set auth.erlangCookie=$RABBITMQ_ERLANG_COOKIE' to the command. To get the current value: export RABBITMQ_ERLANG_COOKIE=$(kubectl get secret --namespace default infra-rabbitmq -o jsonpath="{.data.rabbitmq-erlang-cookie}" | base64 --decode)

Actually fixing this issue is really simple. I forget to set erlangCookie under auth block. The problem resolve after I specify an value.